Remember when music meant something?  Remember listening to a song on your transistor radio? Does it bring back good memories- maybe an old love? Fagheddaboutit, she’s now someone’s grandmother you animal.  But I digress.

Sonny is all about great songs.  Songs that make you think, make you feel and re-ignite your soul. Our band is a tribute to those great songs and the polyester troubadour’s who made them hits!

So come out, have fun and let your inner Combover loose. 

Here's just a smattering of the Songs we do! And we reserve the right to change 'em up at will.   

Hello It's Me / Uncle Albert Admiral Halsey / Peg / Black hole Sun / How Long / She's Gone / Does anybody Know What Time It Is / HeartBeat / Born to Run / Space Oddity / witchita Lineman / Tempted/ Bodhisattva/ Is She Really Going Out with him/

Sonny Castle – Guitar and Vocals

Stosh Ski – Bass and Vocals

Paulie Roman – Guitar and occasional Vocal (we think he's a Mute)

Vin “The Fish” Bacala - Drums